Marathon calendar 2021

Which marathons will still take place in 2021? Here we try to share with you the 2021 international marathon calendar with links to this year’s most important marathons. It will be a crowded autumn! Besides marathons also a number of important running events in the Netherlands.


September 4th: Dingle (Ireland)

September 4th: Kupio (Finland)

September 11th: Jungfrau (Switzerland)See our print

September 11th: Marathon du Médoc (France)

September 11th: Antwerpen (Belgium) See our prints

September 12th: Tallinn (Estonia)

September 12th: Vilnius (Lithuania)

September 12th: Hamburg (Germany)

September 12th: Münster (Germany)

September 12th: Brighton (United Kingdom)

September 12th: Vienna (Austria)

September 18th: Oslo (Norway)

September 19th:Dam tot Dam loop (The Netherlands) See our prints

September 19th: Maasmarathon (Belgium)

September 19th: Belfast (United Kingdom)

September 19th: San Francisco (USA)

Septmeber 26th: Moskou (Russia)

September 26th: Padova (Italy)

September 26th: Berlijn (Germany) See our prints

September 26th: Madrid (Spain)


October 2nd: Helsinki (Finland)

October 2nd: Kustmarathon Zeeland (The Netherlands)

October 3th: Loch Ness (Scotland)

October 3th: Brussel (Belgium)

October 3th: Lyon (France)

October 3th: Keulen (Germany)

October 3th: Londen (United Kingdom). See our prints

October 9th: Stockholm (Sweden)

October 10th: Boedapest (Hungary)

October 10th: Chicago (USA)

October 10th: Eindhoven (The Netherlands) See our prints

October 10th: München (Germany)

October 10th: Manchester (UK)

October 10th: Sofia (Bulgaria)

October 10th: Zagreb (Croatia)

October 10th: Praag (Czech Republic)

October 10th: Leiden (The Netherlands)

October 11th: Boston (USA)

October 17th: Tokio (Japan)

October 17th: Lissabon (Portugal)

October 17th: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) See our prints

October 17th: Brugge (Belgium)

October 17th: Paris (France) See our prints

October 24th: Rotterdam (The Netherlands) See our prints

October 24th: Dublin (Ireland)

October 24th: Venice (Italy)

October 24th: Liverpool (UK)

October 31th: Frankfurt (Germany)


November 7th: Berenloop Terschelling (The Netherlands) Discover our prints

November 7th: New York (USA) Discover our prints

November 7th: Barcelona (Spain) Discover our prints

November 7th: Istanbul (Turkey)

November 7th: Porto (Portugal)

November 14th: Athene (Greece)

November 14th: Maastricht (The Netherlands)

November 14th: Nantes (France)

November 21st: Verona (Italy)

November 27th: Clonakilty (Ireland)

November 28th: Limassol (Cyprus)

November 28th: Curaçao Marathon (Curaçao)

November 28th: Nice-Cannes (France)

November 28th: Spijkenisse (The Netherlands)


December 5th: Valencia (Spain)

December 11th: Osnabrück (Germany)

December 12th: Honolulu (USA)

December 12th: Lanzarote (Spain)

December 12th: Malaga (Spain)