About us

In 2016 I delivered a sports performance that I was so proud of, that I really wanted to have a nice souvenir. Something that looks cool and that you can look back on with great memories. This is where my idea started for creating personalized sports performance prints.

The story

In 2016 I participated in the Homeride, a charity bike ride of over 500 km that I completed within 24 hours. Besides the much money we raised, I was also very proud of my performance. I wanted to immortalize this. So I had a print made with the route, my name and my end time on it. Super cool! At the same time I also asked myself why this could not be done for more people and more sports performances. And so I started Printmyrun.

Do you also want a unique print of your performance? Then quickly go to the shop, choose your run, enter your name and end time and we will ship your print to you! Also nice to give someone as a present.