Printmyrun: memorable memory in a frame, April 12, 2017

Personal reward
Na maanden lang getraind te hebben, is het eindelijk zover: die al lang geplande (halve) marathon staat voor de deur. Met bloed, zweet en tranen haal je de finish en krijg je de welverdiende medaille om je nek gehangen. However, after some time, the memory ends up in a box somewhere.

Recognizable problem
Pieter van der Krol recognized this problem after running the Berlin Marathon. “I was so proud to have walked around Berlin with the medal around my neck for three days,” Van der Krol said. ‘At home, the medal soon ended up hanging on the bulletin board next to medals from other runs. This did not merit my achievement.’


As of February 2017, Van der Krol started a collaboration with a partner and they jointly set up Printmyrun. This allows them to offer themselves and other (hard) runners a personal reward.
“I got the idea with a friend to make stylish prints of marathons, with the runner’s name and finish time on them.

This will show you the route you ran as well as your own finish time! “Many runners only run a marathon once in their lives and would like a memento of this.

Different copies
Currently, many different designs are already available: the marathons of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and London or the Stevensloop in Nijmegen. Soon the Berlin and New York Marathon will also be among the options. ‘Every week a printout of a new marathon comes online.’

‘We got a lot of questions from people who ran a marathon last year. We have therefore made it possible to order all prints also in a 2015 or 2016 edition,” van der Krol said.
Printmyrun often gets a thank you after delivery or they see their print back on Instagram. ‘The nice thing is that all of our clients are runners and are proud of their achievement. We share their pride!

‘Recently, someone ordered a print of the Rotterdam marathon. We noticed that he lived right along the trail. We then briefly incorporated his street into the print. This, of course, was a cool surprise to which we got a very nice response. If at all possible, we try to surprise our customers!

See all possible prints on Printmyrun‘s website.
Did you run a race not on the list? If so, send Printmyrun a message through their website. The more demand there is for a print of a particular marathon, the higher they put it on their to-do list.

Below is an Instagram post by Sam Williams, one of Printmyrun’s satisfied customers.


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